Marriage Not Dating | Episode 8

You look pretty.

Sure it was Yeo Reum who said it. But God, who needs words when someone looks at you the way Gi Tae does at Jang Mi?

You know that one scene in a drama that makes you go, "Yessss, that’s the OTP right there."? Well, this was it for me. Up until this scene, I wasn’t completely sold on this couple. I liked them well enough and believed they had great chemistry, but there was still something missing that made me want to root for them.

Enter this scene and suddenly everything falls into place. Just when Jang Mi has had it up to here with the whole situation and goes through with dropping the act, Gi Tae finally acknowledges his feelings and tries to act on them. There’s that brief moment where you can see that the feelings might actually be mutual; it’s in the way Jang Mi hesitates after Gi Tae tries to bridge the distance between them…But Jang Mi snaps right back into focus and the moment is gone. Just like that.

I was in tears already from her emotions at the bridal shop. Then he shows up and looks at her like that and… {sigh}  <3

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